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Brain correlates of hypnosis: A systematic review and meta-analytic exploration

The Prefrontal Cortex and Suggestion: Hypnosis vs. Placebo Effects

Suggestions to Reduce Clinical Fibromyalgia Pain and Experimentally Induced Pain Produce Parallel Effects on Perceived Pain but Divergent Functional MRI–Based Brain Activity

New directions in hypnosis research: strategies for advancing the cognitive and clinical neuroscience of hypnosis

Improving working memory performance in brain-injured patients using hypnotic suggestion

Physical therapy under hypnosis for the treatment of patients with type 1 complex regional pain syndrome of the hand and wrist

Hypnosis and top-down regulation of consciousness

Hypnopraxia, a new hypnotic technique for hypnoanesthesia

Pain modulation as a function of hypnotizability: Diffuse noxious inhibitory control induced by cold pressor test vs explicit suggestions of analgesia

Eliminating stroop effects with post-hypnotic instructions: Brain mechanisms inferred from EEG

Use of Hypnosis, Meditation, and Biofeedback in Dermatology

An integrative model of hypnosis

Hypnosis workshop at the Royal Society of Medicine

The prefrontal cortex and suggestion

Most read hypnosis research of 2014

Decoupling movement from the feeling of will

'Mindcraft' a history of hypnosis

Special issue of 'Psychology of Consciousness'

Hypnosis superior to biofeedback in RCT for chronic back pain

Name changed to Hypnosis.Tools

False confessions and memory distrust

Hypnosis superior to nicotine replacement therapy?

Suggestion overrides the McGurk illusion

Hypnosis increases throwing accuracy

Review article: Suggestion, Cognition and Behaviour

Hypnotic analogues of delusions

Hypnosis for fatigue in breast cancer radiotherapy patients

Site updated

Martine Orne - Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Hypnotist

Free Access To The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

Modifying suggestibility with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Hypnosis rejoining scientific mainstream?

Latest hypnosis research: June 2012

Cochrane review of hypnosis for smoking cessation

Hypnotic suggestions for working with chronic pain

Evidence for a hypnotic state?

Definitions of hypnosis

New Journal Launched: The Journal of Mind Body Regulation

Using hypnosis to manage illness

How best to explain hypnotic susceptibility: dissociation or imaginative suggestibility?

Suggesting altered states article and podcast

Hypnosis and EMDR

Abbe Faria

Analysis of neuro-linguistic programming

The placebo effect

Blast from the past: hypnotic past life regression

Video: Hypnosis demonstration on BBC programme 'The Story of Science'

Hypnosis as sole anaesthetic for ankle surgery

BSCAH / BSMDH / RSM Joint Conference 2011

New page on hypnotizability at HypnosisAndSuggestion.org

The Neurocritic on Brain Wave Synchronizers

Hypnosis as part of a new framework for treating pain

Historical overview of imagery rescripting, including hypnosis

New European Society of Hypnosis Website

The CIA's use of hypnosis

Interview with John Kihlstrom on Wise Counsel Podcast

ASCH 2011 annual conference announced - Las Vegas

HypnosisAndSuggestion now archived by the British Library

Book launch

History of the International Society of Hypnosis

Another great hypnosis site

Research published in Consciousness and Cognition

Quantifying Consciousness

Herbert Spiegel obituary

Hypnosis in New Scientist

Hypnosis and brain imaging review

Hypnotic limb paralysis


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